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cara coli yang benar terenak tahan lama

cara coli yang benar terenak tahan lama

I'm 22 I like women but I want to try guys. I'm just curious and some guys appear to be quite hot lol. But i'm afraid i'll catch "the gay virus" and will become completely gay you know and no more I will like girls. Which would be bad because I want to have a children and a real family. Is there any possibility that I will like gay sex so much that I will no more look at women?
I am reading Ricky Martin's memoir ("Me") and in it he discusses his sexual desire and very strong attraction to certain women. However, when he did the Oprah show, he held firm to the fact that he believes he is gay even while admitting he had attractions to women. So did his every-now-and-then attraction to women just go away over time? Now I'm not against gay people or bisexual people because I myself am a gay girl going through my own struggles. I'm just having a bit of a hard time understanding how he could "fall in love" with a woman, but declare himself as gay. I know human sexuality can be complicated and that sex can sometimes have little to do with sexuality, but Martin himself remains unclear and I might even say, a bit contradictory. So does he just have a very strong attraction to men emotionally? Of course he's been with men so there's probably a physical attraction there as well, but I feel like that's not the reason why he calls himself gay. I feel like for Ricky, "gay" kind of transcends the whole sex thing...I'm not sure. It's hard for me to say because for me, being gay is both a strong emotional and physical attraction to the same sex - the whole deal. I'm not judging him or anything, I think he's an admirable guy. I'm just trying to wrap my head around his explanations. FYI I have not finished the book yet, but from other reviews many people have had the same question that I do.
Thanks for the input and any clarifications! 
I think that you can be attracted to someone physically if only for the physical and for a love of them. What I mean is that sex is sex at the end of the day and you can be attracted to people's personalities just as much so in people who fervently try to be something they're not, they can enjoy physical attraction, but not feel it in the connection between the physical and emotional like you would with your soul mate. As a gay woman and artist I find men's bodies attractive I just don't want to sleep with them. I think that's what he meant. And I've read lots of questions on here about people being attractive to say a woman's mind and wondering if they are gay. Girl and boy crushes are just infatuation and admiration which has nothing to do with a person's sexuality.
So I've been crushing on this guy, he's two years younger than me and has been going to the same school as me for a year now. During winter at my school we have a weekly sports roster, and he was on my soccer team.

Just to clarify, in Australia we have High School, that encompasses ages thirteen to sixteen, then College that is seventeen and eighteen, and then University and tertiary studies, just clearing that.

But in any event; when we together on this soccer team, I had the terrible habit of getting sick and spraining my legs and pulling muscles and what not, so I was often off, and when he too was off we'd almost always get onto the subject of my sexuality, whether it be through my gait and words or by the joke.

Thing is, when I got so close to telling him but not doing so because of my closeted nature, I asked what he would think of me if I was gay, and he said he would be fine with it, even that it was kinda cool. Then I closed in on myself and said that he'd just have to find out, and he said something along the lines of “Yeah, you're definitely gay”, but he said them with a tone of voice other people hadn't used, like his question had been satisfactorily answered rather than just a blatant insult or back handed comment.

But even after that, he pursued a more direct answer, and I gave him more and more reason to believe I was, and that's where my crush for him developed. He's just so intelligent compared to the other guys at my school, and seems to genuinely care for people around him.

The thing is, the way he's stated things and answered my own questions has been almost as averted, as though he doesn't want to give a straight answer. I can't just ask him either, different age and subsequently social groups.

I don't want to just rush into a relationship with this kid on the assumption he's gay, but do you think it's incredibly far fetched, that I'm just talking out of my rear? He's smart and cute and handsome, and he's the first person I've had feelings for outside my family, even before I suspected him of being gay.

What do you think? Is this too bold to wonder about? Or is there a chance that this is a worthy question?

Additional Details

And yes, I'm fifteen, that makes him thirteen, hence why I'm so hesitant to ask. I'm not a violent or forceful person, I could scarcely hurt a butterfly, and I cried the last I time I killed a lady bug, no joke. I just want... To you know, cuddle with him and stuff, he makes me feel happy.
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Plus I'm not sure if he's even out or not, as I said the different social groups make it difficult to tell. But in any event if he is comfortable with himself that would be a dream, and it doesn't seem like a on in a hundred chance considering how he feels around me and how he talks about gays so colourfully. 
Would the idea of them checking out the opposite sex bother you?
- Would it bother you that if they get a lot of homophobia and problems from other people for being gay, they could always leave you for the opposite sex to escape the issues that come with being gay?
- Would it bother you that there's a chance they may have had sex with the opposite sex?
- That you may not be the sex they prefer, and you'll always feel like you're not what they want?
- That you may not be able to fully relate with them, because they're not fully gay?

What do you think?
I wish I could meet your boy friend and shake his hand. Why is it that all young ladies want to have there cherry busted? And why can't you understand that this young man is giving you the respect that most men will not even give a woman. There is nothing wrong with him. Just because you have been dating little over a year, who is to say he is not a pure. You want to have sex so bad break up with him and go find you a man that will have no respect for you and have all the sex you want. You really make my stomach turn. And I have no respect for you . Lady. Sex is a bond between husband and wife. Not just some ******** that walks down the street.
I was having a great morning until I read your note.
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Atheists hate pretty much everyone equally, even sometimes other atheists when ever they disagree with them.
Atheists focus on Christianity in the U.S. and other western nations, because to the likes of facts that 78% of the U.S. 300 million population is Christian. However, since at any real challenge to Christians having their freedoms, the could wipe out the entire atheist population in a matter of weeks or months, atheists are just noisy pathetically insignificant virtually powerless complainers that rely mostly on mere sensationalism for the most of humanity to even recognize their existence. In fact the most atheists can hope to appear to have an impact, is in a mere "virtual reality" like on internet sites they invade for thinking they will effect the religious world by doing so. Usually just to mass among, merely themselves, and pat one another on the back whilst the religious world is, in all reality kicking their lily ***.
Atheists are mostly bitter, because they are such sore losers. 
wrong.. im a muslim and I feel we muslims and islam as a whole is the "new" whipping boy of the media and the world these days..
we get more hateful remarks than christians do..

I dont know where you got your knowledge from, but stoning is not in Islam.. in our Quran, God doesnt mention stoning..
stoning is a hold over practice from pagans such as the old roman or greek empire..

in Islam, stoning is actually a torture.. the person doesnt die right off.. and that is totally against islam.. our capitol punishment is beheading and before you say.. eww, not much better,, when a criminal (for example in saudiarabia, where I live) does a henious crime, like rape, murder, etc. they knew ahead of time what the punishment would be, its not a secret,, its used as a deterent.. so if someone is inclinded to do a horrible crime, they cant say they didnt know there was capitol punishment for it..
and the way we behead someone for those crimes is swift, with a sharp sword and the executioner hits a certain vertibre in the neck where as there is no pain, and the person dies instantationly.. no torture what so ever..

sorry to have to tell that, but people get misconceptions.. (and im not talking about terrorist beheadings, they are also n ot true muslims, and those also get executed for terrorist acts here in saudiarabia) 
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Sounds like someone wants to fulfill a persecution complex. Honestly observe people's criticisms. I've never seen an atheist actually support Muslim homophobia without being homophobic themselves, and I've seen a lot of atheists.

"admit it your not atheist. your anti christian"

The term "atheist" refers to one positions of an individual, that they don't accept the various god claims put forth to them so far. For a start, being atheists and anti-Christian aren't mutually exclusive. Additionally, most atheists are against specific practices common among Christians, when other groups have similar or the same behaviors/practices they are against them too.

You are doing a lot of wishful thinking and assuming intentions to fulfill your own desire to feel persecuted. But really you simply can't substantiate your claim that Yahweh exists, and in turn your worldview depends on doing anything to avoid the cognitive dissonance.

@Mintee: The Quran isn't the only Muslim source. Are you ignoring the Hadiths? For example.

Book 017, Number 4191:
'Ubada b. as-Samit reported: Allah's Messenger (may peace be upon him) as saying: Receive (teaching) from me, receive (teaching) from me. Allah has ordained a way for those (women). When an unmarried male commits adultery with an unmarried female (they should receive) one hundred lashes and banishment for one year. And in case of married male committing adultery with a married female, they shall receive one hundred lashes and be stoned to death.

Have you even looked into the laws of your own country? Your apathy and inability for introspection is just sickening.
apakah kk intrepretasikan diri layaknya ava kk

apakah kk intrepretasikan diri layaknya ava kk

apakah kk intrepretasikan diri layaknya ava kk?

kyak leonardo yg ciri balita
atau kk toyib yg brlaku singa
ataukah kk bee berprilaku sprti lebah?
pastiny sblm pcran, msing2 berjanji

pastiny sblm pcran, msing2 berjanji

pastiny sblm pcran, msing2 berjanji, berkomitmen ga akn ad org ke 3, klo ud gtu, lepaskn cari yg lbih memegng kta2ny..
*cwol pngcut, tak pntas jdi pemimpin..
cwok mksud ane, mpe typo deh.

materi referensi:

Setidaknya gadis yang bisa mempertahankan

Setidaknya gadis yang bisa mempertahankan

Setidaknya gadis yang bisa mempertahankan keperawanannya mencerminkan bahwa dia seorang wanita yang bisa menjaga "kesucian", takut dosa, bisa mengendalikan diri, bisa diharapkan kesetiaannya pada kebaikan. Jadi ada nilai plus. Bahkan di era sekarang boleh diberikan label sebagai wanita "istimewa"
Pepatah yang mengatakan "mendingan awalnya rusak lalu menjadi baik dari pada awalnya baik, akhirnya rusak" pasti semua orang setuju. Tapi lebih baik lagi jika awalnya baik akhirnyapun baik. Predikatnya sama
Seperti gadis yang bisa menjaga kesucian tadi. "special/istimewa"
Semua cewek marah saat tau cowoknya

Semua cewek marah saat tau cowoknya

Semua cewek marah saat tau cowoknya punya cewek lain. Padahal perbandingan antara pria dan wanita adalah 1:4, itu artinya kalo cowok hanya boleh punya satu pacar, maka 3 dari 4 wanita di dunia akan menjadi jomblo abadi selamanya.
Memangnya kalian para cewek tega, ngeliat 3 teman perempuan atau 3 adik perempuan kalian tidak punya pasangan seumur hidupnya.